With the current technologies, we are more exposed to the financial market and also market knowledge. Therefore, financial market is now having increasing market participation from retailer rather than only institution.

What’s the difference between stocks and currency? Currency carries higher risk? Most of the retailer thinks currency have much higher risk. However, risk is manageable when a trader knows what to do in front of screen. Stocks carry high risk when traders do not set their stop loss point as well and it might gap down after announcing a bad quarterly result.

There is nothing wrong being a trader or investor as long as it suits your style of investment. There are famous traders who are making tonnes of money and also investors are making huge profit from investing in stocks. Learn up different skill can make your life different from what you are now.

Below is the comparison of trading currency vs stock:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 7.21.24 PM.png

In short, we have to identify ourselves whether we are investor or trader or both. Next we need to separate our portfolio into investing and trading. Try not to mix up both portfolio so that you can have better psychology during the execution. Would like to know more about life of traders? Hit the contact us button to talk to us. We are more than willing to share with you the bumpy journey of full time traders.

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