Stock for Investment – SYCAL (9717)

Technical Analysis

From the technical point of view and the price action, SYCAL is currently under accumulation stage. The accumulation zone is currently at RM0.32- RM0.37. High volume recently has attracted some attention and the abnormal buyers and sellers for past for weeks shows it might have some big move in the future.

Bursa Announcement

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 12.05.16 AM.png

From the Bursa announcement, we can see that there a lot of unusual volume acquired by different shareholders. It might be something worthwhile for us to invest in and grow our wealth together with this company.

Personal Investment Strategy

SYCAL  (20% of Total Portfolio)

We will be collecting at a few price zone :
First Zone : RM0.35 to RM0.37  (Capital Allocation : 30%)
Second Zone : RM0.32 to RM0.35 (Capital Allocation : 40%)
Third Zone : RM0.28 to RM0.32 (Capital Allocation : 30%)

Our target for this investment is RM0.60 for long term (1 year)


Please apply investment strategy that suits you. Identify either you are trader or investor before putting your hard earned money in the financial market.

Any investment decisions carried out based on information, analysis, or commentary provided here is solely your responsibility. You should consult your investment advisor before making any investment decisions.