Every trader has their own uniqueness, personality, talents and also different look. Each personality will lead us to to trade differently and that’s the reason we have the market cycle. Some may like taking small wins all the time, while others don’t mind losing a bit in order to make those huge gains when they do win.

Will technical analysis not working in one day later? My answer is no, except human can become emotionless which is impossible. Every trader has their own emotion and therefore, they make decision differently. Even if a group of traders were to trade the same system rules, each person’s end results would most likely be different from everyone else.

Knowing your trading style is crucial in writing your SOP for trading. However, having a SOP is not difficult, stick to your plan is the most important element in trading.
All traders heard about this “Plan your trade, Trade your plan”. But how many traders able to follow?

What say you?