BIOHLDG has experienced some sell off after bonus issue and currently is under accumulation of strength to push higher. Price is maintained well even today is T4, it can be translated to another sign of strong push up in coming days.

Traders can leverage on BIOHLDG-WA which I would say it would be more profitable compared to mother share. It might be an explosive move for BIOHLDG-WA since market is on bullish mode now. Breakout from 0.125 will bring BIOHLDG-WA to hit 0.15 and next could be 0.2 which is nearly 80% return from current price. Please pay attention to the momentum when it breaks 0.125.

Strong resistance for BIOHLDG would be at RM0.275 and RM0.30. A strong breakout from current price would definitely bring the price to go up to RM0.30 in future. Lets ride the strong trend together if it able to breakout from current consolidation!



Let’s hope for the best and strong momentum on next trading day!