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DOLPHIN has faced some high volume sell down in February following the announcement being released. Price has reaches historically low and some abnormal buying force came during the sell down. Volume has been depleting and rebound can be seen last week.

Good risk reward ration at current price . MTC target price would be RM 0.365 and RM0.43. Stop Loss at RM0.275.

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Investors can leverage on this stock by investing part of the allocated capital on DOLPHIN-WA.

Good risk reward ration at current price . MTC target price would be RM0.14. Stop Loss at RM0.075.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.05.51 PM

Based on the announcement released in past one months, investors who are holding DOLPHIN & DOLPHIN-WA would be quite pessimistic when they see directors are disposing their holdings quite significantly.

But think wisely, who is the one absorbing the huge volume everyday as shown in the chart.

Let’s guess and the price action will tell us why in future.


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