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Potential Momentum Stock – NIHSIN & NIHSIN-WA
NIHSIN is trading at the bottom of long consolidation zone. Volume has been picking up lately and the risk reward for this setup is perfect for traders that are patient.
NIHSIN-WA is well supported on T4 and this could be another perfect scenario to fly up high soon?
Both setup looks perfect for me that limited downside but great potential upside in future.
R1 : RM 0.305 (+10.9%)
R2 : RM 0.345 (+25.5%)
S1 : RM 0.265 (-3.6%)
R1 : RM 0.11 (+29.4%)
R2 : RM 0.13 (+52.9%)
R3 : RM0.155 (+82.4%)
S1 : RM 0.075 (-11.8%)
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