Malaysia Traders Club is a website managed by traders, for traders. We understand what traders need as we are full time traders.

Over the years, traders or investors had been making good profits in the market. Yet a couple of market corrections had wiped off those profits or brought down the value of their investment portfolio significantly.

Forget about turning $10,000 into $1million in a short period of timeby making huge return in a short period and losing back during market correction. Instead, consistency is rather another important element traders/investors should look into.

How much is an ideal or logical return per year? We are looking into growing the portfolio  3-8% a month CONSISTENTLY and yet CONSISTENCY is what most traders do not have it in their trading philosophy! Most of us want to make huge profit in one trade but we did not think about the downside of it. How we know? We have experienced it and I do believe 99% of traders have experienced it before!

Is trading high risk? We believe that trading is high risk when we do not have proper risk management and money management. Risk management is the most critical part in trading as it determines what is the damage to your portfolio when things go against you.

Trading is complicated and time consuming? Hmm…well..it depends on what is your trading style, whether you are scalper, intraday, swing or position traders. Risk profiling is what you should have done before putting your hard-earned money into the market. Finding a trading style that suits you is what you should do foremost. Sitting in front of the screen for longer hours doesn’t mean you can make more profit. In fact according to our experience and conversation with veteran traders, LESS FOR MORE is what we are looking at now. What is the meaning for LESS FOR MORE? We are spending lesser time in front of the screen to reduce the tendency of overtrade and therefore… We can achieve consistency overall by making more profits while the mistakes/losses are reduced!

Who are we? We are traders. We want to build a traders club in Malaysia to benefit our traders community regardless of whether you are beginners, intermediate or veteran traders! We want to reach out to traders to share their strategies and experiences to benefit everyone.

Come join us and together we will profit from the market!