Automated Trading

Here at Malaysia Traders Club we spend considerable time developing trading strategies that aim to maximise profits for investors.We seek to create positive long term value for our investors. You will see more than one strategy in PAMM Master Account. All available strategies deployed onto trading account is to make sure investors receive the combined performance of proven strategies.


Currently we have 2 strategies available called Artemis and Poseidon. Each strategy offers something slightly different for investors in terms of the potential projected monthly performance as we aim to maximise profits for investors. All trades are managed by a sophisticated analysis programme to set the targets.


Artemis is a forex portfolio that uses typical technical entries using a variety of popular technical analysis indicators. It uses a boxed hedging approach to add reverse positions if an initial trade moves into a losing position. The increase in positions and size strategically control risk and the basket of trades will close once the market moves enough to develop the combined trading basket of buy and sell trades into a profit.


Poseidon is a half discretionary set of strategies, based on an automated signal, which combines price setups and market dynamics. The strategy uses the 4 hours timeframe to identify trading opportunities and the lower timeframes are used for entry and exit optimisation. The execution phase is a manual process to add an extra filter to identify and apply those potentially higher quality entries triggered initially by the automated signal technology. The positions can be kept open from a few days to several days, depending on the market move, with possible fractional closing at different levels. Focus is on staying in the trades for longer, if the structure of the move continues.

Below is our summary for combined performance of all available strategies.




Here you can apply to join the managed trading service for PAMM.
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