Neteller Account

Neteller has been in the online payment industry for more than a decade now. With its presence as one of the largest independent money transfer company, Neteller is certainly one of the most trusted sources for financial handlings. It is easy with this payment method to add, withdraw and transfer funds instantly without any hitch. Basically there are two services offered – one is Net+Cards and the other one is Money Transfer.

Net+Cards are like any other debit or credit cards, but there is no bank involved in it. The best advantage of this is that when you are withdrawing money from FXPRIMUS through your Neteller account, you instantly get the amount in your account, unlike the regular banks where only on working days and hours does the money shows up in your account.

Money Transfer is another service by this payment method. It lets you send money instantly, easily and safely giving the traditional money transfer ways a rest. Both the services are available in almost all the countries all over the world, so there are no restrictions attached to it.

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